Application pack to assist PCR – now available

The Bhalisa Inkulisa application pack contains all the information ECD centres need in order to apply for Partial Care Registration (PCR). It guides centres on what documents they need to complete, how they can prepare for inspection by social workers and environmental health practitioners, and also provides additional documents that can improve the day-to-day running of centres.

Ilifa Labantwana works to secure an equal start for all children living in South Africa, through universal access to quality early childhood development.


Children 0-5 years attending any early learning programme (ELP) by income quintile 

Opportunities for early learning are still not accessible – especially to the poorest. Only about 38% of children in the lowest income households (quintile 1) are attending an early learning programme. The data shows a clear increase in attendance as income increases, but overall, the rates are still low. This means a large number of children in South Africa are missing out on a critical window of opportunity for development.

Early learning programmes can include crèches, early childhood development (ECD) centres, schools or any other learning institutions.


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Wordworks: an app that helps support early learning

The Wordworks app, designed to equip parents, caregivers and practitioners with the skills to support early learning, is now available on the Google Play store. The development of the app was funded by Ilifa Labantwana’s sister organisation Innovation Edge. The...

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SEIS programme: Qaphelani’s story

One of the biggest problems at Qaphelani is space - there is just not enough of it for the 60 children who are currently attending the centre. Owner and manager Elizabeth Ngobese says when the centre was built in 1996, it was to accommodate between 10- 20 children,...

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Early learning subsidy helps ECD centre

The winter of 2017 was a tough one for Strawberry Play Centre. “As is the case every year, the fees that pay my teachers’ salaries didn’t come in as it was supposed to,” says principal Mareldea Davids. “When money would come in, I would pay the teachers first, then...

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  • There are 6 million children aged 0 – 5 years in South Africa. 100%
  • 4 million of them receive the Child Support Grant and they need subsidised early learning. 66%
  • Only 1 million of children who need subsidised early learning – or 25% – are receiving it. 25%