Bridge has developed a Resource and Training Organisations (RTO) Map, which provides up to date information on the size, scope, capacity and distribution of more than 90 early childhood development (ECD) resource and training organisations across the country.

This resource will be useful for ECD practitioners who are looking for ECD-specific training as well as for training providers, government or NGOs who may be interested in identifying gaps in the training sector.

The RTO Map is quite easy to use. You can simply click on the province and organisation that you are interested in or directly on a pin on the map, which will give you information on the organisation – including the organisation’s name, the name and number of their contact person, the provinces they work in, their website and address, etc.

Bridge has been linking innovators in education since 2009. The organisation works to connect people and believes in fostering collaboration, and that collective efforts and sharing of ideas help ensure that successful practice spreads. Doing this causes a domino effect, which Bridge believes helps promote systemic improvements in education. Click here for more about Bridge and the work they do.

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