Engagement & Planning with Government

I2lifa Labantwana engages with government on a continuous basis with the end goal of improving capacity at provincial and district levels to ensure ECD management and oversight.

Ilifa’s key areas of focus are:

• Supporting the establishment of planning for ECD provision across multiple sectors (Department of Health, Department of Social Development and Department of Education), as well as the establishment of an active management team cutting across these sectors at provincial and district level with the aim of leading implementation at scale. Ilifa’s planned outcome is the creation of strong multisectoral teams and plans in our active provinces and intervention districts.

• Engaging in key policy with the view of contributing to national ECD related laws and policies which would create a more enabling eco-system for ECD. Evidence of input in policy will be reflected by improved expenditure tracking in ECD nationally, inclusion of children with special needs, more efficient and effective registration systems and greater recognition of non-centre based ECD services.

• Working with economic research group Cornerstone Consulting  to support districts to develop and submit budget bids which would accommodate increased numbers of registered ECD sites as well as non-centre based activities such as home visiting and playgroup programmes.

• Improving monitoring and accountability mechanisms for the full range of early childhood care, education services and expenditure, with strategic reporting to the highest levels.

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