Human Resources


Ilifa is engaging in national government discussions around the improvement of human resource systems for ECD. The end goal for these policy and programme inputs is to influence national strategy to meet the human resource needs for early learning in both centres and non-centre settings. A further goal is to ensure a defined national ECD qualification that incorporates the three different early learning models. Read more on Ilifa’s recommendations for ECD practitioner training HERE.

Ilifa has embarked on a review of Department of Education budget and funding mechanisms for ECD learnerships to identify potential enhancements to this system.

The effectiveness of training partnerships between public training colleges and ECD resource and training organisation is currently being tested in KwaZulu-Natal, the North West and the Eastern Cape with the end goal of scaling up ECD practitioner training.

Read more on Ilifa’s work with training colleges HERE.

Non-centre based ECD practitioners are currently not included in the training list for National Qualification Framework (NQF) Level 4, which impacts negatively on the quality of services and the practitioners’ career path opportunities. Ilifa is working to ensure that the next intake of ECD practitioners in the North West for NQF Level 4 by TVET colleges includes the non-centre based family community motivators and the early learning playgroup facilitators. 

Ilifa is working with selected districts in the North West to introduce dedicated ECD co-ordinators at district offices and well capacitated ECD teams at service office levels to ensure that ECD services are managed and supported effectively and efficiently.