Ilifa Labantwana | ECD South Africa | One pagerAs Ilifa Labantwana moves into Phase II of its strategic plan, it becomes increasingly important that the programme’s goals and strategic objectives are concisely conveyed.

TheĀ Ilifa Labantwana One Pager provides a succinct overview of the programme, framing the problem it seeks to address and how it intends to do this, by: defining an Essential Package of ECD services; offering support to provinces and district councils to deliver ECD at scale; helping to develop the systems and personnel needed for a nation-wide scaling-up process; motivating for appropriate financing models to be instituted; stimulating public demand for ECD through a national campaign; and building a compelling body of research evidence on the benefits of ECD. Finally, it states clearly the goals Ilifa hopes to achieve by the end of its second Phase in 2016.

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