Information Access and Use

Geospatial Mapping Tools

Ilifa is in the process of developing and testing a geospatial mapping tool which will be used to identify the location of children and the status of services and resources. The tool will enable government officials to make informed decisions on resource allocation and programme planning.

In addition, the geospatial mapping tool will be used to inform work in Ilifa’s other focus areas such as systems development and optimisation.

 Information Management Systems 

Ilifa is working with Network Action Group in the Ugu District of KwaZulu-Natal to develop and test an information management system designed to improve the use of information related to ECD centre and programme registration, provision and quality assurance. This works is feeding into national Department of Social Development plans to enhance ECD registration systems, planning tools, provisioning and reporting.

Costing Delivery Model

Ilifa has contracted economic research group Cornerstone Consulting to create costing templates to be used to determine the costs and cost effectiveness of a range of ECD delivery models. Cornerstone’s reports are informed by data sourced through the implementation by Ilifa’s projects in KwaZulu-Natal and the North West province.

Read the Cornerstone’s Technical Report on “Developing Appropriate Financing Models to Enable the Scale Up of ECD Services” here

Implementing Partners