Family & Community Motivator Programme

Circles of support for caregivers


The Family & Community Motivator programme is non-centre based ECD programme targeted at vulnerable families with young children aged 0-6 years, as well as pregnant women.  Trained ‘motivators’ visit families on a regular basis and provide support and advice on ECD.

Successfully integrated within government systems 

We have supported the Family & Community Motivator (FCM) programme in North West province since 2011, with the implementation support of our partners ELRU.  Over the past three years, the North West Department of Social Development has gradually taken over the programme’s cost and implementation support – demonstrating the effective roll-out of a non-centre based ECD programme through existing government systems.

At last count, there were 1379 families enrolled in the programme.  We are currently working with ELRU and the North West Department of Social Development to improve the monitoring and data reporting of the programme.