SA’s first ECD centre registration helpdesk

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One of the biggest challenges for the thousands of ECD centres dotted around informal communities in South Africa, is registration with the Department of Social Development (DSD). The registration process is complex and lengthy; while the norms and standards that need to be met are often unattainable given how the resource requirements match up against the reality.  The end goal … Read More

Strengthening ECD Registration Systems key to Massification of ECD services

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  Three significant challenges to universal ECD services, particularly are: Insufficient ECD facilities in sufficiently close proximity to the children in question Where facilities do exist, children often are excluded as a result of access barriers such as cost and unsuitable facilities Poor quality services. In order to achieve the national ECD goals of universal ECD, especially for the most … Read More

National ECD Centre Audit Released

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The Department of Social Development (DSD) has issued the results of its national audit of ECD centres, conducted during 2013, which includes centres with conditional registration as well as unregistered centres. The audit serves the purpose of providing information on the nature and extent of ECD provisioning, services, resources and infrastructure across all nine provinces: in total 19 971 ECD centres … Read More

The Policy Post: Rounding up South Africa’s recent ECD policies and programmes

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This week’s policy post provides a brief overview and update on the status of a number of recent policy, programme and research initiatives relevant to ECD in South Africa. At the centre is the national ECD policy and programme of action under the leadership of the Department of Social Development (DSD). However, there are a number of additional initiatives under … Read More