Ilifa Labantwana’s Submission on the Review of the White Paper on Social Development

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The White Paper on Social Development, first published in 1997, provides the framework for the development of a social welfare system that can unlock the potential of every person in SA, especially the most vulnerable and marginalised. The document is currently under review and Ilifa Labantwana has submitted its contribution to the process last week. Our key focus was to … Read More

Lessons from the Field: Private Funding of ECD in SA: A Snapshot!

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A review of private funding of early childhood development (ECD) was conducted in 2013 to better understand current funding sources, drivers and areas of focus. The survey targeted the largest corporates listed on the JSE, local and international foundations and non-profit organisations (NPOs) operating in the ECD sector. [ Download the full document HERE ]

Responsive Parenting: a Strategy to Prevent Violence

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This edition of Early Childhood Matters focuses on positive parenting and programmes aimed at reducing violence against young children. It makes mention of the Sinovuyo Caring Families Project, a parenting programme that seeks to address the reduction of abuse and maltreatment of children in high-risk families in South Africa. Ilifa has partnered with the University of Cape Town and its … Read More

Ilifa supports National Child Protection Week (1-7 June 2014) – lets work together to make South Africa a safe place for our children

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National Child Protection Week (CPW) is commemorated in South Africa annually to raise awareness of the rights of children as articulated in the Children’s Act of 2005. The campaign that began in 1997 also aims to mobilise all sectors of society to ensure the care and protection of children. The campaign is led by the Minister of Social Development; however … Read More

A Quantum Leap – Ilifa Labantwana Phase I 2009–2013

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From the inception of the Sobambisana Initiative, a
project of the DG Murray Trust, in 2007, to the end of Phase I of its programme in 2013, the Ilifa Labantwana story is one of rapid growth, testament to the urgency with which all stakeholders view the development of effective ECD services in South Africa.  The Sobambisana Initiative was a necessary intervention … Read More

The Essential Package of ECD Services and Support to vulnerable children in South Africa

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Working with key government departments, Ilifa Labantwana has developed the Essential Package of ECD Services and Support – a “foundation document” that will underlie a dramatic shift in the way that early childhood services and support are delivered to vulnerable children in South Africa. Since its entry into the ECD arena in 2007, Ilifa Labantwana has pursued the goal of … Read More

Into the Future – Ilifa Labantwana Phase II 2013-2016

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The importance of ECD for human and social development and productivity is now recognised as a national priority at the highest levels of government. In Phase I of its programme (2009-13), Ilifa demonstrated a variety of modes of ECD service and delivery. This publication details the six strategic objectives of Phase II (2013-2016). The importance of ECD for human and … Read More

Ilifa: 2013 to 2016 at a glance

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As Ilifa Labantwana moves into Phase II of its strategic plan, it becomes increasingly important that the programme’s goals and strategic objectives are concisely conveyed. The Ilifa Labantwana One Pager provides a succinct overview of the programme, framing the problem it seeks to address and how it intends to do this, by: defining an Essential Package of ECD services; offering support … Read More

What do rural children really need?

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A workshop with key provincial stakeholders was recently held in the Ugu municipality of KZN to create a shared vision of what ECD services could look like in Ugu by 2016. The participants took part in a creative visioning exercise in which they were tasked with imagining Ugu as a district where young children are able to realise their full … Read More

The Essential Package – a model for Early Childhood Development

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[topswf swf=’ Postcontent/themes/ilifalabantwana/images/essentials_animation.swf’ width=’600′ height=’420′ quality=’best’ wmode=’transparent’ scale=’default’ flashvars=” allowfullscreen=’false’]   CLICK THE BOX TO SEE THE COMPONENTS (wait for icons to load) Sixty percent of all South African children (more than 18 million) are born poor and vulnerable. Ilifa Labantwana is committed to establishing a model for the enhanced delivery of early childhood development (ECD) services and support to … Read More

Time to invest properly in our children

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PERSISTENT inequalities serve as a stark reminder that we have yet to improve the lives of the majority of people in South Africa. Poverty negatively affects all aspects of human development, particularly in the early years, by Andy Dawes, Lizette Berry, Linda Biersteker and Sherri le Mottee. Close to 60% of children up to nine years old live in households … Read More