Unlocking the economic value of young children

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By David Harrison Most business people are hard-nosed and soft-hearted. This has been my experience in trying to galvanise corporate support for social development over the past 25 years. These are exactly the attributes needed to find economically sound solutions to the country’s social problems. However, corporate professionals often act as if head and heart were disconnected: they give generously … Read More

The human resources SA needs for quality ECD

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The Minister of Higher Education and Training has published a Draft Policy on Minimum Requirements for Programmes Leading to Qualifications in Higher Education for Practitioners and Educators in Early Childhood Care and Education for public comment. Written submissions may be made by 15 May 2016 to Green.w@dhet.gov.za This policy represents one of the first steps towards putting in place a … Read More

An evaluation of the Sobambisana Initiative

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Sobambisana, initiated in 2008, is the first attempt in South Africa to develop a local evidence base for interventions aimed at improving ECD, particularly those relevant to rollouts under the National Integrated Plan. Five non-profit resource and training organisations (RTOs) active in Early Childhood Development (ECD) were contracted to implement high quality models of ECD provision that would improve the access of children younger than six to … Read More

Department of Basic Education: where it stands on ECD

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The Department of Basic Education Annual Report for the 2014/15 period documents a number of measures implemented to address the challenges in the quality of ECD for children aged 0-4 and Grade R highlighted in ECD audit conducted by the DSD in 2013 as well as the report on “The Impact of the Introduction of Grade R on Learning Outcomes”. … Read More

DoH on ECD: in a nutshell

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The Department of Health’s Annual Report and Annual Performance Plan for the period 2016/17 – 2018/19 notes significant improvements and ongoing challenges to the survival of children in South Africa. It notes that the under-five mortality rate has dropped from 56 down to 39 deaths per 1000 live births by 2014. The reduction is attributable in part to measures aimed … Read More

DSD and ECD: what the policy says

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In the Department of Social Development (DSD’) s Annual Report for the year ended 31 March 2015, the Minister of Social Development introduces the shift in the developmental importance and prioritization of ECD in her statement that “ECD lies at the heart of our plans to combat the inter-generational transmission of poverty [and that] … the new policy will pave … Read More

Getting on with the business of ECD

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Things have been rather quiet on the policy front over the past fortnight. However, the many ECD role players have been quietly and steadily carrying on with the business of ECD. This week’s policy shares a few policy initiatives with a bearing on ECD as well as some examples of recent programmes and projects. Draft National Sanitation Policy published for … Read More

SA Budget 2016/17: ECD needs action, not just words

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Many commentators have called Financed Minister Pravin Gordhan’s 2016/17 National Budget the most difficult balancing act of the minister’s political career.  Minister Gordhan matched an overwhelming amount of demands against constrained resources – all within a fiscally depressed economic climate. Minister Gordhan’s budget maps out government’s plans for the next three years. Given the constraints, complexity and competing demands, the foundations … Read More

Policy Post: Why ECD did not feature in SONA 2016 and what our sector needs to do about it

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Last Thursday, 11th of Feb, President Jacob Zuma presented his State of the Nation Address (SONA) to Parliament. The SONA traditionally provides a comprehensive overview of the key gains made in the previous year. The President has always used the opportunity to highlight the upcoming year’s policy and programmatic priorities cutting across social and economic sectors, as well as an … Read More

Funding of learnerships for ECD practitioners

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Data from the General Household Survey (2014) shows an increase in access to ECCE (early childhood care and education) services since 2012. However, it also points to increasing inequality in access between children occupying different income quintiles, with children in quintile 5 being 2.5 times more likely to have access to early learning opportunities than children in quintile 1. Key … Read More

Taking ECD to Zululand

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By: Jacqui Khumalo, KZN Co-ordinator, Ilifa Our work towards the massification of quality ECD services in KwaZulu Natal has scaled up over the past few months. We have entered two new districts –  Zululand and UMkhanyakude – since the start of November and put in pl ace the frameworks which will determine the channels of delivery of ECD services to … Read More

Ilifa Labantwana’s Submission on the Review of the White Paper on Social Development

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The White Paper on Social Development, first published in 1997, provides the framework for the development of a social welfare system that can unlock the potential of every person in SA, especially the most vulnerable and marginalised. The document is currently under review and Ilifa Labantwana has submitted its contribution to the process last week. Our key focus was to … Read More