Philani Mentor Mothers: outcomes of home visits for pregnant mothers and their infants

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The Philani Mentor Mothers Project aims to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable pregnant mothers and infants from low-income households, through a strategy of home visits by specially trained para-professional community health workers or “mentor mothers”.  The objective of this research is to evaluate the effect of home visits by community health workers (CHWs) on maternal and infant well being from … Read More

Cluster Randomised Controlled Effectiveness Trial Evaluating Perinatal Home Visiting among South African Mothers/Infants

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Interventions are needed to reduce poor perinatal health. We trained community health workers as home visitors to address maternal/infant risks. In a cluster randomised controlled trial in Cape Town townships, neighbourhoods were randomised within matched pairs to 1) the control, healthcare at clinics , or 2) a home visiting intervention by CBW trained in cognitive-behavioural strategies to address health risks (by the … Read More

Ilifa Insights Issue 3 – Our Parenting Lessons

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Nurturance, security, stimulation and love delivered through the parent-child relationship is where early childhood development begins.  The social structures around the parent-child relationship, however, are of profound importance because the support, or in adverse instances – the neglect or hostility – they impart will affect the ability of the primary caregiver to nurture her child, impacting the quality of the relationship … Read More