The DSD acts on household food and nutrition security

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The national Department of Social Development this week published a Terms of Reference for the Appointment of a Service Provider for the Implementation of the Household Food and Nutrition Security Programme for 2015/16. The purpose of the TOR is “solicit proposals from NPOs to facilitate implementation of an integrated Household Food and Nutrition Security Programme for the Department of Social … Read More

New results of stimulation + nutrition add-on to CHW programme

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This article published last week in the Lancet, discusses child development, growth and health outcomes achieved by adding an integrated cognitive stimulation/nutrition intervention for 0-2s on to a lay community health worker programme in rural Pakistan, as part of a large RCT funded by UNICEF. The results show that children who received responsive stimulation had significantly higher development scores on … Read More

Overcoming barriers in the provision of key nutrition interventions for young children in the public health system in South Africa

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Adequate nutrition during the first 1,000 days of a child’s life are crucial to his or her survival, optimal growth, development, and cognitive and social-emotional functioning. Investing in effective infant nutrition also has long-term benefits in school outcomes and economic productivity. This publication, authored by Michael K. Hendricks (School of Child and Adolescent Health, UCT) and Sipho Dlamin (UCT, formerly DGMT), … Read More