Sinovuyo Caring Families Project takes flight

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Sinovuyo parenting workshop in Cape Town

It’s been just over three years since the Sinovuyo Caring Families Project was piloted with 68 families in Khayalitsha, Cape Town.  The programme, which recently completed a two year randomised control trial supported by Ilifa Labantwana, has attracted a great amount of international attention and is being implemented in Kenya, South Sudan, the DRC and the Philippines this year alone. … Read More

Philani Mentor Mothers: Depressed mood in pregnancy: Prevalence and correlates in two Cape Town peri-urban settlements

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The disability associated with depression and its impact on maternal and child health has important implications for public health policy. While the prevalence of postnatal depression is high, there are no prevalence data on antenatal depression in South Africa. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence and correlates of depressed mood in pregnancy in Cape Town peri-urban settlements. This study … Read More

Philani Mentor Mothers: Alcohol Use, Partner Violence, and Depression

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The Philani Mentor Mothers Project aims to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable pregnant mothers and infants from low-income households, through a strategy of home visits by specially trained para-professional “mentor mothers”. Pregnant South African women with histories of drinking alcohol, abuse by violent partners, depression, and living with HIV are likely to have their post-birth trajectories over 36 months significantly … Read More