2017 forecast: Are we heading into an anti-development era?

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Recent political and economic developments could pose a threat to the substantial ECD gains made over the past 5 or so years. We know it’s not only the research that matters.  It is abundant and clear that ECD is a win-win development formula for children and the country. What is perhaps more important is who supports the research. The high-level … Read More

ECD in 2016: the good, the bad and a growing to-do list

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2016 has been a good year for early childhood development in South Africa. The National Integrated ECD Policy was adopted Many more ECD centres, which had previously battled to register and improve access to quality services, were able to register and access the ECD subsidy, thanks to a more robust system of conditional registration Partly because of this registration drive, the … Read More

Policy Post: Does Parliament really understand the ECD policy?

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Photo of parliament

On 6 September 2016, the Departments of Social Development (DSD) and Basic Education (DBE) made another presentation to the Basic Education Parliamentary Portfolio Committee. The minutes of the briefing and Q&A can be viewed here. The Departments noted that they, along with the Department of Health (DoH), were the primary duty-bearers, (supported by other departments as well as local government) … Read More

Department of Basic Education: where it stands on ECD

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The Department of Basic Education Annual Report for the 2014/15 period documents a number of measures implemented to address the challenges in the quality of ECD for children aged 0-4 and Grade R highlighted in ECD audit conducted by the DSD in 2013 as well as the report on “The Impact of the Introduction of Grade R on Learning Outcomes”. … Read More

SA’s ECD policies are changing: now what?

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Looking back, it is clear from the recently published 2014/15 annual reports and strategic plans for the core ECD departments of Health, Social Development and Basic Education, that a number of important policy shifts have taken place. ECD is at the forefront of the national development agenda, and this is reflected in the prioritisation of programmes for the health, well-being … Read More

How can we prioritise ECD expenditure?

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The approval of a revised national ECD policy is, we are led to believe, imminent. Once Cabinet approves the policy, our hard work starts. As a country, we will have to increase our investment, in terms of both money, time, people and political buy-in; we will have to agree on a programme of action to translate the national ECD vision … Read More