The Essential Package of ECD Services and Support to vulnerable children in South Africa

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Working with key government departments, Ilifa Labantwana has developed the Essential Package of ECD Services and Support – a “foundation document” that will underlie a dramatic shift in the way that early childhood services and support are delivered to vulnerable children in South Africa. Since its entry into the ECD arena in 2007, Ilifa Labantwana has pursued the goal of … Read More

The Essential Package – a model for Early Childhood Development

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[topswf swf=’ Postcontent/themes/ilifalabantwana/images/essentials_animation.swf’ width=’600′ height=’420′ quality=’best’ wmode=’transparent’ scale=’default’ flashvars=” allowfullscreen=’false’]   CLICK THE BOX TO SEE THE COMPONENTS (wait for icons to load) Sixty percent of all South African children (more than 18 million) are born poor and vulnerable. Ilifa Labantwana is committed to establishing a model for the enhanced delivery of early childhood development (ECD) services and support to … Read More