ECD in 2016: the good, the bad and a growing to-do list

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2016 has been a good year for early childhood development in South Africa. The National Integrated ECD Policy was adopted Many more ECD centres, which had previously battled to register and improve access to quality services, were able to register and access the ECD subsidy, thanks to a more robust system of conditional registration Partly because of this registration drive, the … Read More

Policy Post: Where does ECD feature in the MTBPS 2016/17?

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This Wednesday, Minister Pravin Gordhan presented South Africa’s annual mini budget – or the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement, as it goes by formally.  The MTBPS is crucially important for the country, and for the ECD sector, as it gives an indication of what government is prioritising for spending in the next 3 years (the medium term).

Policy Post: Does Parliament really understand the ECD policy?

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Photo of parliament

On 6 September 2016, the Departments of Social Development (DSD) and Basic Education (DBE) made another presentation to the Basic Education Parliamentary Portfolio Committee. The minutes of the briefing and Q&A can be viewed here. The Departments noted that they, along with the Department of Health (DoH), were the primary duty-bearers, (supported by other departments as well as local government) … Read More

SA’s ECD policies are changing: now what?

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Looking back, it is clear from the recently published 2014/15 annual reports and strategic plans for the core ECD departments of Health, Social Development and Basic Education, that a number of important policy shifts have taken place. ECD is at the forefront of the national development agenda, and this is reflected in the prioritisation of programmes for the health, well-being … Read More

Policy Post: The unrealised potential of the Road to Health

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The ECD diagnostic review conducted in 2013 and the draft national ECD policy have drawn attention to the critical importance of providing support in the very earliest years for equalizing and securing the development of children to their full potential. At the same time, these two documents highlight that it is precisely young children in this age group, and notably … Read More