JRM_6748In 2015, Ilifa Labantwana funded, through Innovation Edge, the development of an Early Learning Outcomes Measure for South Africa.  The measure – quickly dubbed the ELOM – was intended to provide all types of early learning programmes with a psychometric instrument for assessing their effectiveness. The ELOM would be:

Over the past 2 years, the ELOM team developed and piloted the tool; they have done an age validation study in three provinces and across 5 school quintiles; and they have now finalised the norms and standards of the ELOM.

The ELOM is designed to be used only by trained assessors. At the of end of 2016, we trained assessors from 11 organisations, which means that the very first ELOM community which will oversee the tool’s implementation is now up and running.

More on the ELOM, in this briefing document.

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