Sinovuyo Caring Families Project takes flight

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Sinovuyo parenting workshop in Cape Town

It’s been just over three years since the Sinovuyo Caring Families Project was piloted with 68 families in Khayalitsha, Cape Town.  The programme, which recently completed a two year randomised control trial supported by Ilifa Labantwana, has attracted a great amount of international attention and is being implemented in Kenya, South Sudan, the DRC and the Philippines this year alone. … Read More

When Community Works: early learning playgroups in the North West

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Ilifa Labantwana’s early learning playgroup programme was introduced in the North West province in early 2015 as an alternative to centre based early learning for children who were previously not attending any programme. The programme is private-public partnership involving the co-ordination of multiple partners and roles, including Cotlands, LIMA Rural Development Foundation, SmartStart Social Franchising, The DG Murray Trust, Seriti … Read More

We are hiring

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Ilifa Labantwana is looking for an Executive Director and an ECD Financing Director. The details are below. Interested? Please send your CV and a cover letter to before 30th June 2016.  

Policy Post: ECD is only long term solution to SA’s education inequities

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Once again, we have come to that time of the year where all eyes turn to the Annual National Assessments (ANAs) and National Senior Certificate Examinations. Traditionally, these are viewed as the two leading indicators of the progress we are making as a country to turn our poor education record around. The ANAs will be written next week and 8,6million … Read More

The Policy Post: Laying the Foundation for Effective Implementation of the ECD Policy

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As famous as South Africa is for its good child rights policies; it is equally infamous for the weak implementation of those policies. The disjuncture between policy intent and actual outcomes is clear in child well-being returns which don’t match the size of investment of public resources in, for example, child health and education systems. The Draft National ECD Policy – what … Read More

UPSI-5 tool finds quarter of SA children face psychosocial problems

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The Dutch developed UPSI-5 has undergone an initial round of testing in South Africa and the findings indicate that it can be used as an advocacy aid to increase support to the psychosocial wellbeing of local children. The UPSI-5 is a diagnostic tool, developed by non-profit organization ICDI, which tests a child’s psychosocial functioning by means of 29 question checklist. … Read More

Hacking for ECD

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What happens when you place a group of computer programmers in the same room as a group of ECD professionals and ask them to brainstorm solutions for early learning challenges in South Africa? For a start, you get a lot of tweets. The first ever hackathon for ECD, which took place in Cape Town’s Bertha Centre during the last weekend … Read More

The “Ordinary Magic” of ECD

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Why do some children thrive in difficult circumstances, and others not? One of the most surprising findings from the many studies that have been done on levels of resilience in children is that resilience is not built through extraordinary interventions, but rather through ordinary, everyday quality interpersonal experiences. Referring to decades of research on resilience, Ann Masten, professor of child … Read More

Ilifa Labantwana’s Submission on the Draft National ECD Policy

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Ilifa has submitted a number of proposals to the South African Draft National ECD Policy, which was published in the Government Gazette (No. 38558) on 15th March 2015. The Draft ECD Policy is commended for recognising ECD as a public good and for the commitment of the Government of the Republic of South Africa towards building a national ECD system … Read More

Paving the Way to Quality ECD: We Need More ECD Practitioners

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Quality ECD services begin with trained and motivated practitioners. At the moment, skills supply is not meeting demand. In the Eastern Cape alone, the provincial development plan estimates that 30 000 caregivers and educators need to be trained to achieve universal access to ECD services by 2030 but existing colleges are ill-equipped to rise to the challenge. Where do we … Read More

Ilifa Labantwana’s Submission on the Review of the White Paper on Social Development

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The White Paper on Social Development, first published in 1997, provides the framework for the development of a social welfare system that can unlock the potential of every person in SA, especially the most vulnerable and marginalised. The document is currently under review and Ilifa Labantwana has submitted its contribution to the process last week. Our key focus was to … Read More

ECD: South Africa’s answer to curbing violence?

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Policy frameworks which inform implementation around Early Childhood Development and violence prevention are not integrated – but they should be. That is one of the key findings of a report, by the Institute of Security Studies (ISS) published in the SA Crime Quarterly (March 2015), which offers some interesting food for thought. South Africa’s crime statistics are shocking. Homicide takes … Read More

Urgent ECD Intervention Required in Africa

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Africa stands to lose as much as 12% of GNP p.a. for the next 20-30 years if urgent child and mother nutrition needs are not addressed. GDMT CEO addressed the issue on CNBC Africa’s TV programme Open Exchange on World Health Day today. Source: More videos here

New innovation fund to catalyse change in early learning in South Africa

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Several national, including Ilifa Labantwana, and international donors have joined forces to establish a new fund to support innovations in early learning in South Africa.  The R15 million fund, called the Innovation Edge, aims to inspire and enable bold new initiatives with the potential to transform early learning access and quality. Details about the Innovation Edge [ HERE ] The … Read More