South African Early Childhood Review 2016

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The South African Early Childhood Review 2016 presents information on essential components of the comprehensive package of Early Childhood Development (ECD) services. The review includes data and commentary on over 40 carefully selected indicators on the status of children under six, and service delivery progress across 5 domains: maternal and child health, nutritional support, support for primary caregivers, social services and … Read More

Ilifa Labantwana Annual Report July 2014 – June 2015

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Ilifa Labantwana’s Annual Report for the period 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015 outlines the work done by the programme during this period. Areas of focus which are discussed include: Information access and use Early childhood care and education delivery models Early childhood development regulatory, funding and human resource systems Engagement with government Engaging the public The Innovation Edge … Read More

A Quantum Leap – Ilifa Labantwana Phase I 2009–2013

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From the inception of the Sobambisana Initiative, a
project of the DG Murray Trust, in 2007, to the end of Phase I of its programme in 2013, the Ilifa Labantwana story is one of rapid growth, testament to the urgency with which all stakeholders view the development of effective ECD services in South Africa.  The Sobambisana Initiative was a necessary intervention … Read More

The Essential Package of ECD Services and Support to vulnerable children in South Africa

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Working with key government departments, Ilifa Labantwana has developed the Essential Package of ECD Services and Support – a “foundation document” that will underlie a dramatic shift in the way that early childhood services and support are delivered to vulnerable children in South Africa. Since its entry into the ECD arena in 2007, Ilifa Labantwana has pursued the goal of … Read More

Into the Future – Ilifa Labantwana Phase II 2013-2016

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The importance of ECD for human and social development and productivity is now recognised as a national priority at the highest levels of government. In Phase I of its programme (2009-13), Ilifa demonstrated a variety of modes of ECD service and delivery. This publication details the six strategic objectives of Phase II (2013-2016). The importance of ECD for human and … Read More

The Ilifa Labantwana Story

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The year 2013 brought the first Phase of the Ilifa Labantwana programme to an end, and ushered in the second phase. Two new publications record this moment. The first of these, entitled “A Quantum Leap: The Ilifa labantwana story 2009-2013” gives a brief overview of the history of the programme and details the major achievements of the first Phase. Click … Read More

The Essential Package – a model for Early Childhood Development

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[topswf swf=’ Postcontent/themes/ilifalabantwana/images/essentials_animation.swf’ width=’600′ height=’420′ quality=’best’ wmode=’transparent’ scale=’default’ flashvars=” allowfullscreen=’false’]   CLICK THE BOX TO SEE THE COMPONENTS (wait for icons to load) Sixty percent of all South African children (more than 18 million) are born poor and vulnerable. Ilifa Labantwana is committed to establishing a model for the enhanced delivery of early childhood development (ECD) services and support to … Read More