Developing appropriate financing models to enable the scale-up of ECD services

Svetlana DonevaECD News, Technical Reports

This report looks at how national and provincial budget processes impact on the funding of ECD services, and at the mechanics of preparing credible plans and budgets that will enable government to effectively finance and deliver them. What financing models would be appropriate to enable the scaling up of early childhood development (ECD) services to achieve population coverage on a … Read More

Survey of Non-Profit Organisations Providing Training for ECD Programmes and Services (birth to 4 years)

Svetlana DonevaTechnical Reports

The ECD Non-Profit (NPO) training sector has played a prominent role over a period of decades in the design and implementation of ECD projects. This study provides important insights into the size, scope, capacity and geographic distribution of NPOs involved in training for ECD projects and programmes for children aged 0–4.  Early childhood development (ECD) is receiving significant official attention, … Read More