We are working with the National Department of Social Development and a number of organisations to improve the efficiency of the ECD Conditional Grant (ECD CG). There are four Technical Advisor positions open to work on the project at the National DSD offices in Pretoria. All the positions are on one-year fixed term contracts renewable for a further year.

Technical Advisor: ECD Finance and Subsidy Reform
Role and responsibilities:
• provide technical input in relation to the ECD subsidy and ECD financing within DSD;
• develop subsidy implementation guides, providing solutions to challenges;
• conduct capacity building and support on subsidy compliance with provinces and ensure awareness of subsidy eligibility requirements;
• monitor and analyse provincial ECD CG reports;
• provide guidance on all matters relating to ECD financing and budgeting
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Technical Advisor: Data, Reporting and Planning
Role and responsibilities:
• provide monitoring and planning support for both components of the Conditional Grant (CG) (maintenance and subsidies);
• provide technical support to provinces to collect data required by the ECD CG Framework, specifically data on funded centres and subsidised children;
• support provinces to develop and review provincial business plans for the ECD CG;
• support the collection of baseline data for the ECD-CG and the development of the ECD – Management Information System (ECD-MIS);
• monitor and analyse provincial ECD CG reports;
• facilitate capacity development and required support on population based planning and related reporting
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Technical Advisor: ECD Non-Centre Based Services/ Programmes
Role and responsibilities:
• provide technical input into developing an appropriate framework for the expansion of non-centre based ECD services e.g. early learning playgroups, home visiting programmes, mobile ECD services, etc.
• work with DSD and partners to develop an appropriate regulatory response, including norms and standards and delivery models for non-centre ECD based services;
• provide solutions to challenges around registration and capacity building on registration compliance across provinces and ensuring awareness of process requirements;
• support provinces with rolling out non-centre based ECD services
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Technical Advisor: Infrastructure and Registration Support
Role and responsibilities:
• support the development and subsequent implementation of relevant guidelines for project related infrastructures across all provinces;
• provide regular support to the provinces to ensure they are able to implement and to monitor the maintenance component of the conditional grant;
• support National DSD and the provinces with assessments and reporting through periodic site visits;
• work with National and Provincial stakeholders to ensure compliance and risks are managed through quality assurance mechanisms and related national strategies
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