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10 quotes to celebrate importance of reading

Today is World Book Day and to celebrate, we’ve compiled a few great quotes to remind everyone what a power and love of books can ignite in every young child. We hope these quotes will inspire you, as they have us, to understand how important reading to and with young...

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Are you ready for Think Future 2?

Our sister organisation Innovation Edge will be hosting the second Think Future conference from 14-16 October in Stellenbosch, South Africa. What is Think Future? A 2.5 day unconventional event focused on innovation for early childhood development. It brings together...

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Short video answers question “What is ECD?”

Need a quick and easy tool to use in order to explain early childhood development? Well, look no further as we’ve developed a short and simple video explaining ECD and its importance for children’s later success. The video is great for explaining the concept to anyone...

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Resource alert: freely available reading materials

There have been multiple research reports on the importance of how important it is to read to and with young children…from birth already as it plays a huge role in developing their language and other skills. This is why we love Nal’ibali’s World Read Aloud Day...

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