Access to quality ECD begins with quality data 


One of our main goals over the next four years is to improve data on early childhood development in South Africa.

Accurate and easily available data on existing ECD services, children, and their caregivers will mean that the government and private sector can budget for ECD based on what services are missing, as well as the actual number of people who need them.

Once budget allocations have been made, data is crucial for tracking the impact of ECD programmes and justifying further investment. Without quality data, funding for ECD cannot scale.

The KiDS project, which launched in 2016, houses Ilifa’s data work. KiDS currently has two products.



Wazi-ECD is an online application which geo-maps the latest ECD data in South Africa. Users can browse an interactive map of South Africa or use a search function to find data on demographics, and ECD services in a specific province, district, municipality or ward.

Wazi-ECD is a tool in the planning and funding of ECD services because it gives its user an immediate summary of how many children are living in an area, and what services they need. Wazi-ECD is also an excellent tool for journalists or anyone reporting on the status of ECD service delivery.

Wazi-ECD is free and open for use by anyone. Click to enter

South African Early Childhood Review

The South African Early Childhood Review presents information on essential components of the comprehensive package of ECD services.

The review includes data and commentary on over 40 carefully selected indicators on the status of children under six, and service delivery progress across five domains:

  • maternal and child health
  • nutritional support
  • support for primary caregivers
  • social services and grants
  • stimulation for early learning

The South African Early Childhood Review is a collaboration between Ilifa Labantwana, the Children’s Institute at the University of Cape Town, the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in The Presidency, and the Innovation Edge.

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