It’s in our DNA   

Innovation underpins all of Ilifa’s work. We know that the change we want to see for South Africa’s children will require major shifts in the way existing ECD systems work. That is why we are always on the lookout for brave thinking, which can accelerate these shifts.      

In 2014, we partnered with the Omidyar Network to extend our capacity to innovate in one specific area of the Essential Package – early learning.  

Innovation Edge was born

Innovation Edge is a grant and investment fund focused on finding solutions to early learning challenges in under-resourced communities.  

  • It provides strategic, financial and technical assistance.
  • It transforms ideas into workable concepts, and supports their transition to scale. 

A year-round, open call for ideas from anyone, anywhere

Innovation Edge has made 37 investments since 2015. They range from the high-tech, employing new and exciting virtual reality and artificial intelligence, to cost-effective and impactful low-tech innovations.

To find out more about Innovation Edge’s project portfolio, participate in an Innovation Challenge or apply for funding, visit their website.