Ilifa-Resep ECD Working Paper Series

The Ilifa-Resep ECD Working Paper Series is a collaboration between Ilifa Labantwana and Research on Socio-Economic Policy (Resep) at the Stellenbosch University.

The working paper series aims to promote research that addresses the major systemic issues facing the ECD sector in South Africa. Key themes of the series include:

Financing and funding, labour, nutrition, ECD governance, regulation, economics of ECD, the household environment, and developmental outcomes of children.

The series will contain research papers that address any of the components of the ECD essential package – early learning, parent and caregiver support, nutrition, maternal and child health, and social protection.

Number: ECD WP 001/2021 Author: Servaas van der Berg

Document Name:
Estimating the impact of five early childhood development programmes against a counterfactual

Number: ECD WP 002/2021 Author: Eldridge Moses

Document Name:
Enrolment in early childhood care and education programmes in South Africa- challenges and opportunities

Number: ECD WP 003/2021 Author: Gabrielle Wills and Jesal Kika-Mistry

Document Name:
Supply-side and demand-side approaches to financing early childhood care and education in South Africa