Building local ECD knowledge

Evidence from the Sobambisana Initiative

In 2008, Ilifa commissioned five non-profit organisations to test various models of community-based ECD across four South African provinces. This resulted in a four-year programme known as the Sobambisana (‘Togetherness’) Initiative.

The Sobambisana Initiative comprised five kinds of interventions:

  1. home visits to caregivers and children
  2. community playgroups with parent education components
  3. community playgroups without parent education components
  4. centre and school-based interventions
  5. advocacy for improved and integrated services for children among regional and local government officials and civil society organisations

This learning brief focuses on ECD as a development concern in a South African context, and offers lessons learned from the Sobambisana interventions.

Written by Andy Dawes, Linda Biersteker, and Lynn Hendriks. Published by Ilifa in May 2012.