Bhalisa Inkulisa

Social Worker Toolkit to support the partial care registration process

The partial care registration process is one that affects all early learning facilities as it is illegal for anyone to run an ECD centre for more than six children without registration. The registration process has however proven to be a challenge to delivering ECD services at scale.

This toolkit is designed to support social workers and improve registration systems for early childhood development centres. It makes use of workflow boards to closely monitor the partial care registration process and identify any blockages easily. The process of partial care registration is broken down in detailed steps and have been streamlined in some ways to ensure the process is completed within a three month period. Each section of the toolkit contains templates and/or examples that must be used in order to ensure that the process is standardised across offices and districts and to assist social workers in making the process run as smoothly as possible. These templates are also available in the appendices at the back of the toolkit and can be copied should you need more.