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Ilifa Labantwana is a learning organisation. We are dedicated to producing, and sharing, accurate and insightful research firmly rooted in evidence. Browse through our publications by theme, age-range, or programme. All of our work is published under a Creative Commons license and may be distributed. Please acknowledge the source.

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South African Early Childhood Review
Support for Primary Caregivers
  • A guide to ECD programmes in South Africa
  • A plan to achieve universal coverage of early childhood development services by 2030
  • Alcohol use, partner violence and depression
  • Bhalisa Inkulisa - Information for Centres Applying for Partial Care Registration
  • Bhalisa Inkulisa - Information for Centres Applying for Partial Care Registration (Xhosa version)
  • Bhalisa Inkulisa - Social Worker Toolkit to Support the Partial Care Registration Process
  • Bringing the story home - early literacy in Free State province
  • Building local ECD knowledge
  • Circles of support for caregivers in the North West
  • Community health workers can improve child growth of antenatally-depressed SA mothers
  • Creating hubs of inclusive education in KZN
  • Depressed mood in pregnancy
  • Developing appropriate financing models for ECD scale-up
  • Developing the Essential Package of ECD services
  • Early Childhood Matters 2018: advances in early childhood development
  • Early Childhood Matters 2019: Advances in early childhood development
  • ECD centre registration and funding systems in Kwazulu-Natal
  • ECD Practitioner Quality Reflection Tool
  • ECD site upgrading research report
  • Education Series Volume IV: Early Childhood Development in South Africa, 2016
  • Evaluating perinatal home visiting among SA mothers and infants
  • Evaluation of the Sobambisana Initiative
  • Evidence base for early learning programmes
  • Evidence from the Sobambisana Inititiave
  • FCM Home Visiting Programme 2017/18 Report
  • First 1000 days relationship support tool
  • Food insufficiency, depression, and the role of social support
  • Funding of learnerships for ECD practitioners
  • Getting the basics right from the start
  • Government funding for ECD (2011 review)
  • Government funding for ECD 2014
  • Government funding for ECD summary
  • Group learning programmes
  • Group programmes for parenting education
  • Home visiting for households with children not in formal ECD
  • Home visiting to improve maternal and child health
  • Human resource development in the ECD sector
  • Ibhayi Lengane feasibility study report
  • Ibhayi Lengane Toolkit - a facilitation guide for home visitors
  • Ilifa Insights Issue 2
  • Ilifa Insights Issue 3
  • Inclusive ECD for parents of children with disabilities
  • Information Management Systems in KZN
  • Intimate partner violence and depression among SA women during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Introduction to the first 1000 days
  • Introduction to the Sinovuyo Caring Families Project
  • Lessons about positive parenting from the Sinovuyo Caring Families project
  • Moving beyond the core story of brain development
  • Multiple risk factors during pregnancy in SA
  • Nurturing Care framework for early childhood development
  • Opportunities and risks for the ECD non-profit sector
  • Outcomes of home visits for pregnant mothers and their infants
  • Parenting for Lifelong Health RCT results
  • Philani Plus home visiting programme
  • Predictors of alcohol use prior to pregnancy recognition among township women in SA
  • Private funding of ECD in South Africa
  • Promoting innovation in early learning
  • Quick Guide to ECD in South Africa
  • Re-engagement in HIV care among mothers living with HIV in SA over 36 months post-birth
  • Resource Ilifa Insights Issue 1
  • Screening for Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders by non-medical community workers
  • Services to support inclusion in ECD in Ugu District KZN
  • Social franchising and the power of the Community Work Programme applied to early learning playgroups
  • Social franchising for ECD
  • South African Child Gauge 2013
  • South African Child Gauge 2017
  • South African Child Gauge 2018
  • South African Early Childhood Review 2016
  • South African Early Childhood Review 2016 in brief
  • South African Early Childhood Review 2017
  • South African Early Childhood Review 2017: Status of children under 6 in SA, focus on Eastern Cape
  • South African Early Childhood Review 2019
  • South African Health Review 2018
  • Survey of non-profit organisations providing training for ECD
  • Systems change in KwaZulu-Natal
  • The development of a South African Early Learning Outcomes Measure
  • The Essential Package
  • TOOLKIT Resourcing ECD centres
  • Toxic stress and the vicious cycle of poverty in South Africa
  • TREE Toolkit - The Role of EHP in Supporting ECD Centres
  • TREE Toolkit - The role of the Social Worker in ECD Programme Quality Assessment and Improvement
  • When community Works - early learning playgroups in North West province