Why do some children thrive in difficult circumstances, and others not?

One of the most surprising findings from the many studies that have been done on levels of resilience in children is that resilience is not built through extraordinary interventions, but rather through ordinary, everyday quality interpersonal experiences.

Referring to decades of research on resilience, Ann Masten, professor of child development at the University of Minnesota, notes that what began as a quest to understand the extraordinary has revealed the power of the ordinary.

Resilience does not come from rare and special qualities, but from the everyday magic of ordinary human interactions. Ilifa Labantwana’s recently launched #LovePlayTalk campaign promotes this ordinary magic! Too often we equate early childhood development (ECD) to services that are provided TO children and families. While these services are important, the most important influence in early childhood is the quality and consistency of the relationship between the child and his/her caregiver(s). This is ECD at its magical best!

Written by Sonja Giese

Ilifa Labantwana Programme Leader

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