A plan to achieve universal coverage of early childhood development services by 2030 has been developed in conjunction with the DG Murray Trust and Kago Ya Bana and details a plan to achieve universal coverage of ECD services within the next 12 years.

It discusses:

  • The priority and need for a social compact for ECD
  • The problems including the fact that there are large gaps in service provision, no central agency coordinating and driving programmes for young children, and that the sector is under-resourced
  • The opportunities and possibilities including there now being more political will to invest properly in young children, a willingness to design a system of service delivery that is fit-for-purpose, the existence of programmes of nutrition support and early learning that have been designed for scale, etc.
  • As well as the goals related to ECD and children including ensuring that all pregnant women receive high-quality antenatal care, eliminating stunting in all children under two years, all 3-4 year olds accessing high quality early learning programmes, all children being ready to read and count when they go to school, and all vulnerable children (by family circumstance or special needs) being linked to professional and social networks of support

And details what is needed in terms of finances, human resources, programmes, ECD agency, and data in order to achieve this plan before 2030.

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